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Come and Play Orchestra!

Do you play an orchestral instrument?
Do you think "I'm not good enough to play in an orchestra"?

is for you!

No minimum standard is set. Appropriate music is provided to take account of whatever you can already do. The orchestra, conducted by Patsy Moore, is intended to offer a progressive introduction to orchestral playing for adults (beginners or returners) who are welcome to join the orchestra at an elementary stage of playing orchestral instruments. You don't need previous experience of playing in a conducted group.

It's an independent orchestra which meets on Thursdays 7.30-9.30, at Padworth Village Hall, South of the A4 between Theale and Woolhampton, West Berkshire, England.

Learn about orchestral playing as part of a friendly, supportive group.

Prospective new members are welcome to get in touch at any time; see below for contact details. The Autumn term 2006 started in mid-September and will end with a performance for friendly eavesdroppers on Thursday December 7th. Our performance evenings include a mixture of orchestral items, solos and chamber music, usually including some ex-members of the orchestra.

If you want to join the orchestra please get in touch to make sure music will be ready and waiting for you (and also to check that we haven't had to move to a different venue as occasionally happens!).

Joining in the middle of a term is not appropriate unless you have already had experience of playing in a conducted group, but do get in touch with Patsy anyway to express an interest and perhaps arrange to come and listen to the end of term performance.

Players of any orchestral instrument or (stretching a point!) things like tenor horn, baritone horn and saxophone are welcome. Recorders, plucked stringed instruments (e.g. guitar) and fixed-pitch instruments such as accordion are not appropriate.

If you are thinking of taking up an orchestral instrument and would like to have a chat about which one to choose, or would like to find out about instruments available on loan (e.g. at present bassoon, violin, double bass), or are wondering about coming along, get in touch with Patsy (e- mail: patsy@mooremusic.org.uk or telephone: 0118 9832098).

Sadly the Newbury College Late Starters' Orchestra which had been meeting on Wednesdays from 7.30-9.30 at Denefield School, Long Lane, Tilehurst, West of Reading, Berkshire, didn't get enough enrolments to continue. It had been hoped that the two orchestras would provide opportunities on different evenings for elementary players in the area. Next term perhaps... If you would like to have an elementary orchestra available on a Wednesday it would be worth making that known. See How to find out more about NCLSO below.

(See: How to find out more about NCLSO).

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