Musical celebration / memorial
in honour of Patsy Moore

We-the-family hope to organise a musical memorial/celebration in honour of Patsy's life, later in 2019.

We're not 100% sure yet about the date for this. We have in mind Sunday 14 July, but if lots of people are on holiday then or we're having trouble getting things organised fast enough, it might be in the autumn instead.

We're envisaging a gathering with music, memories of Patsy, and food. It'll be like the social, community part of a funeral; the family already gathered to give Patsy's body a quiet farewell at a "woodland burial" site (her own preference) soon after she died.

We hope soon to have a page you can click through from this one to pop in your email address, to ensure that you get updates as we plan the event.

We'll then take feedback about which date would suit most people, and asking who'd like to contribute - with some music, or some words about Patsy, or helping to set up, or bringing a cake, or something!